DJ A1 "My Roots"


I first starting djing back in 1994 when I was just 15, by 17 I had my first residency at a place called Cuba on Brighton Seafront warming up and dropping house music.


I had been brought up around the rave scene as my sister and her boyfriend would go to Sterns in Worthing ,tagging me along, the under 18s and some cheeky over 18s (when we got in !!)


I would steal her rave tapes and listen to them constantly, to the likes of Slipmatt, Dj SY and Swan-e etc.

I would constantly listen to their tapes, listening to where they were dropping there next tune in to mix in.

They each had there own unique stye which is what I liked.

As my djing progressed i looked up to djs I warmed up for and learned a lot.

You can learn so much just by watching.

I was told once never play just one style of music, Otherwise your limiting yourself to being booked.

Play as many genres as you can, it's hard but it can be done !!

After being at Cuba in Brighton I did a season in Corfu playing in Kavos & Ipsos .

It was a sureal experience as it was my first time on a plane and i travelled alone not knowing anyone,that changed quickly as you can imagine. When I came back I played in small clubs around Brighton still playing house music .


In 2011 I got a booking in Cheshire at In-Ter-Dance playing 91 to 93 Oldskool Rave.

It was there I met Jay Allen and Alex Energy who was the promoter from Fantazia.He was impressed with my set and asked I would play in Bristol at there next event, little did I know he was to put myself and dj blitz b2b in the main room.

Not long after in 2012 I was booked for Raindance in London on the mainstage, then came Moondance where I was booked 3 times in 1 year.

Continuing to play on the south coast with dj blitz at a night called conception in Bournemouth, Weymouth, Salisbury and Brighton.

As well as the rave thing I also play/played uk garage too which I was Booked to play events like Entice in London.

I now currently hold a residency at Revival Festival in Kent and on my third year alongside some top names.

The rest is History !!